Nov. 21st, 2010, the night for Paul's party finally came. The caterers arrived and set up before I was even home from the gym. Took a shower and by the time I got out, Matt-the-bartender had arrived also.

It started slow but then began to fill up a half hour in. Matt got very busy, and the servers were helpful but unobtrusive (we originally didn't plan servers, but they were there serving -- staffing error by the caterer, who seems to have little head for business but makes great food.) I made the mistake of going out to hottub with Eric and Dave just before the cakelet with the candles was served, oh well. But everyone had a great time and the caterers made life easy by cleaning up a lot. The rented glassware was picked up the next day.

Kate had some almost-as-elegant lady friends along, and they mingled nicely with the otherwise all-male crowd. There were one or two drunken propositions (and one uninvited guest wangled my phone number and sent me suggestive text messages for several days) -- par for the course. No one fell into the pool, and the hottub was only used by a few. Kind of disappointing!

Everyone else left by 11:30, so Kate and one of her friends and Matt and Paul and I talked for another half hour.

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