I think I speak for all of us in the Bay Area when I beseech the jet stream gods to quit sending us all this Pacific moisture. It belongs in BC and Seattle, not here. The coldest and most rainy March in recent history was not only a big downer, we used too much natural gas to qualify for the 10% conservation/20% rebate offered by PG&E, and I would imagine most people failed because of this weather pattern. OTOH, the warm winter back East held gas prices down to reasonable levels, so we didn't spend more than $800 total for this winter when it had been expected to be much higher.

Just got a call from Josh, the Hammer Auto guy. The Prius will be here by the end of the week, they take personal checks, and he's tired of rain, too. Selling my '94 Geo Prizm is next on the agenda -- Mike's son Dan might want it, otherwise Hammer says they have some possible buyers. A '94 Corolla, essentially, with only 78K miles is pretty rare.

The replacement Mac Mini is at DHL's terminal in Santa Clara. I scored a free HP inkjet we don't need as well as a $25 rebate.

Used my Bluetooth headset yesterday to make calls from the car. I've had this thing for years and rarely used it; I don't like talking while driving, since I'm very distractible and even a little inattention is too dangerous to tolerate. But I don't have much time lately and it lets me keep in touch when I otherwise wouldn't have time. Paul has been doing this for years to keep up with his mom and many friends (and his car is still dent-free.) The headset works really well, and it's cool to press a small button in your ear, say "Call [name]", and get connected without punching any buttons.

Social plans: dinner with [livejournal.com profile] pklexton Saturday up in Belmont, John and Mark Sunday, then I leave for DC and KC Tuesday. Locals are invited to try to entice [livejournal.com profile] excessor out for social activities while I'm gone, since he'll be all alone [awww...!] for two weeks.



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