Aug. 5th, 2010

Got back from Palm Springs Monday night, with David. Paul stayed down there to continue his programme of relaxation and liquid refreshments hard work and shopping unpacking. As he mentioned, I had a frustrating two weeks struggling with things that didn't quite work (two instances of bad firmware) or I didn't have time to finish (because of other delays.) But I wanted to get back...

For what, exactly? I imagine enjoying my time here and being social with all the great guys I meet here, but it's mostly humdrum. Wake, eat, read, eat, read, eat, gym, eat, read, sleep.

A bit of excitement happened yesterday, with the release of the favorable Prop 8 appeal decision; I meant to get over to the rally at Castro and Market early, but didn't make it until 5:30, by which time it was too late to get anywhere close. So I milled around the fringes for awhile, not being able to hear anything, and eventually left -- I was hitting people with my backpack, and I hate that when other people do it. I also forgot to bring anything warmer than a t-shirt (as usual), so I was getting cold...

Got a few pictures; this one is Chuck, who I used to lust over at the gym, doing his sign-carrying bit.

There are a few more adventures I'm not going to write about, and David is around enough to make me not feel lonely, but I miss Paul. We won't be apart too often.



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