Feb. 24th, 2010

So we spent another week talking to the Dolores Heights Victorian people. They agreed to our price ($7500 vs. their asking of $8900) and we were working through details of how their move-out had changed what had been indicated would be included -- smudged paint, all of the track light lights removed from one bedroom, missing kitchen island chairs -- and had a cashier's check in hand for the lease signing meeting, when they backed out, saying our "demands" were too great and they didn't think we were the people they wanted. Very strange -- suggest you never deal with a certain Dace Dislere as agent. As I wrote to David:
This morning I'm feeling better about not getting Dolores, given Paul's feelings about working longer. Smaller/cheaper/closer will work better for a shortened run in SF with a house in PS as well. They readvertised the place at $8300, down $600; but it doesn't show as well now. I would be surprised if anyone good bites at $7500, and the irony is they will have to do everything we asked to get a renter anyway, and they lose months of rent. Dace blew it by transferring my requests to the owners when we could have resolved them easily between us. And the owners are apparently not being realistic; it might have been worth what they ask furnished as a short-term rental, but the price must be much more reasonable for a longer-term, unfurnished rental.
Now on the track of another, smaller condo unit much closer to the center of the Castro.

BTW, visited a MCM, supposedly fully renovated house near where we are now: pointed out by [livejournal.com profile] foodpoisoningsf, it looked really good in pictures. As usual, it was small (no square footage listed), and the "fully remodeled" kitchen featured standard Euroappliances installed with original crappy plywood cabinets which had been painted over. The granite counters were single-thickness (a sometimes-defensible design decision, but adding to the apparent cheapness of everything). Our cheap cabinet refacing in Sunnyvale looked a lot more expensive. The picture windows were unmodified single-pane. And they committed the cardinal sin (in my livability book) of installing a pedestal sink in the master bathroom. Very disappointing for the price, and not very comfortable, as well as too far to walk.

In other news, we had Trevor [not on LJ] Pendley, friend of David's, as a houseguest over the weekend. We were too caught up in drama to spend much time with him, but we'll see him again. I've been stressed out and too busy to have anything on my mind but finding a place (and my mother's short trip to the hospital again last week.) One of these days I'll get back to writing here more....



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