Back in SF

Sep. 23rd, 2010 01:56 pm
[personal profile] drscott
We got back last night after 8 on an unusually uncrowded and on-time Alaska flight. Each time returning it's a bit of a shock how small, dingy, and crowded our place here seems after getting used to the big house down south.

Andy / [ profile] otterpop58 has been staying here for a few days. Unfortunately, he's had some stomach bug most of the time and hasn't been able to enjoy being here much. Hopefully it clears up before Sam gets here and the festivities begin. Much note-comparing and affectionate gossip exchanged while watching Robot Chicken and the like.

Our Folsom weekend agenda includes: Friday evening at 440 for the BM-sponsored happy hour; the usual crowd of visitors at Golds SoMa; Saturday's BM tea dance at the DNA Lounge ([ profile] jwz's space); party at Joe's Barbershop that evening. Having done the later dances before, we're happy not to this time. And of course Sunday we'll brave the zoo that is the Fair for an hour or two. David is supposed to be back sometime Saturday.

Next week I get to pack more stuff to take with me on the long drive down with the Prius, by myself. Paul heads back East for two weeks, then flies back from there to PSP.
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