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After not being willing to wait hours to pick up an iPhone last month, I received the one I ordered about July 13th. Worth the upgrade from a 3g foir many reasons -- about twice as fast, better WiFi and 3G reception, some ability to store an image of a suspended application in memory which greatly speeds up switching apps. When I finally used the phone as a phone, though - as we were loading up the truck to move some of our stuff to Palm Springs -- I noticed the volume was so low I could hardly hear. Didn't get a chance to check this out until today, when I discovered that the plastic screen shields it came with (which I had left on, since it seemed to work fine) were cutting both speaker and microphone volume way down. Duh....

So it was my birthday today. Spent most of the day unloading stuff from the truck so we can take it to the rental place here; I'll fly back to SFO August 2nd. Fielded the usual phone calls and best wishes. Almost 100 messages on Facebook, and I feel bad about not composing clever replies to each and every one. Maybe tomorrow...

Before leaving, we had a party at our place in the city -- both a delayed housewarming and a small birthday party for me. I'm not a big fan of celebrating birthdays, but Paul is, and he wasn't to be denied, so there was cake and everything. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and it was nice to see friends who have never met establishing contact.

A few pictures...
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