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So I stumbled upon this reminder of Norumbega, now a little district around the shore of the Charles in Watertown and Newton, later a park and an amusement park, now what's left being a canoe rental facility...

I was doing a web search for Everett Hale, the distributor who has the CA/AZ rights for the new Air2O two-stage evaporative cooler unit. This name is a hallowed Old New England name, Edward Everett Hale being the most famous of the family, and since he grew up in Weston, he's probably a relation.

So I got hold of the Oasys people finally. The company had a promising cooler but failed in the market -- lack of capital to market the product, most likely. The Speakman company (famous for shower heads; we had one of theirs in Sunnyvale) bought them out and they're taking another run at it. They have a new unit (the Air2O) which is designed more for roof installs (see the glossy folder), and are about a year away from an integrated evap/AC/heating package which would encapsulate the control issues for residential use.

The control issues are these: air flow for evaporative cooling is from exterior, cool, blow around interior, escape through vents or windows. Air flow for AC is closed: air is returned, cooled again, and recirculated. At other times, what is wanted is simple ventilation - rapid replacement of warm indoor air with cool outdoor air, or vice-versa. The system needs to know inside and outside temp and humidity, and can do a little bit better if it has a good forecast of future numbers. There are fans, vents, and air valves to be operated.

Now the non-casita part of our house is about 5400 sq ft, and Speakman/Oasys says one unit can handle 2500 sq ft, so with AC backup we may get by with two units. Installation on the roof may not be too difficult, near the current two AC units up there. Everett says they can get a few beta units in immediately if we can find a competent installer -- they have none in the area.

Remember, the pioneers are the guys with the arrows sticking out of their backs.....

Date: 2010-12-10 10:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sunbeam-bears.livejournal.com
Howdy, my mom grew up on Hale St in Beverly MA., so named for the famous one. There is also a Hale House in Beverly Farms MA., and might have been a summer home. I don't know, I didn't look it up.
I recently spent some time on the roof of our house, closing up the evap cooler we have. It sits on the breezeway roof, and connected to the side of the house via a large vent. While reading your post, I realized we may be able to leave our evap on when we leave the house, as we always close up everything for security sake. Now I am thinking the evap vent is about the same size as our fireplace flue/damper etc. Perhaps we could open the damper in summer, and let the evap run while we are not at home.
When we use the evap, we have to monitor the weather for efficiency. The unit we have has gotten the house temp down to the upper 60's. And that's with a clogged/need to replace wet pad. Personally I would not use an evap for a garage. I have a classic car, and humidity promotes rust.

Date: 2010-12-10 08:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dr-scott.livejournal.com
..and there's the uncle, Nathan Hale, even more famous.

A two-stager doesn't raise the humidity so much, but one could use a humidistat to keep it from rising beyond a certain point.

A fireplace isn't that great an outlet. For untended use, you might want to add one or two of these, barometric dampers that open under pressure and let air escape into the attic: http://www.dialmfg.com/updux.html



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