Nov. 20th, 2010

My last entry here was September 30th. Paul then left for his trip with Dad back East, while I drove down to Palm Springs with a Prius-ful of boxes. This marked the end of my life in San Francisco, though we still have to return to deal with our stuff at some point -- either David figures out how to keep the apartment (in which case we leave a lot for his use) or not (we move everything out when the lease expires.)

I had expected to lead a quiet life down here with fewer distractions, but that did not actually happen -- I realized fairly quickly that the first few months here were better spent getting to know the people, since as "new guys in town" we get some attention which won't last long, so it's better to use that to get our social lives restarted.

So I have spent some time being social, and another chunk of time doing chores related to my mother -- taxes, billpaying, service-arranging. This doesn't leave much time for online writing or socializing, thus my failure to write or comment here. I tried to keep up reading, and posted on Facebook, but many of the events went unrecorded. So I'll hit the highlights for those who aren't Facebooking or want a deeper view.

Went to a bear party thrown by Mike Mellenger, one of the guys who started Bear Films, bartended by Matt Sorrentino. We knew Mike from when he lived in Santa Clara.

Paul returned Oct 11th, then his good old friend and drinking buddy Jim dropped in for a few days. Then he left and David came for the Peel Off (naked square dancing fly-in) at All Worlds, joined by his friend Mark Ambrose. Only danced a few tips but it was fun seeing the many familiar faces. [ahem!] Made out with a minor league porn star as we were leaving, but otherwise hardly noticed we were square dancing in a bathhouse environment.

We had a big housewarming party Oct 23rd, with about 50 people (twice the last time.) I think we're done warming the house. Bartender Todd Metzger did a great job.

Halloween in Palm Springs was fun -- they close Arenas and have a mini version of what the Castro used to have. Festive. Enjoyed a brief appearance on stage of Shann Carr (who lives here) and some other local talent, but the sound system kept cutting out. My favorite costume was a couple of guys who dressed as an Alexander -- a mid-century modern house with a butterfly roof; each one had half the house and they had to stand together with the rooflines matching to create the look.

Went to a great Halloween party the night before. Our costumes were embarrassingly minimal compared to the average level of effort, but hey. A good time was had.

Paul's friend Kate and her minion Scott flew in Thursday for Paul's birthday and Pride weekend. Kate has undergone too many stressful life events recently - the near-death of her company, cancer, a breakup... well, she looked fabulous in spite of all that. We took them out to dinner then to Toucans that night, where Scott started chatting up a deaf guy and told us to leave without him -- he came back via cab the next morning after spending the night in a motel room, having forgotten our address.

Kate and Paul at Toucans

I'll wrap this post up now and continue with Paul's 50th birthday party in the next one....

Lambda Legal event Friday

J&M's party Sunday



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